It is

It's scary how firm the half century man is
Of it
It's like, it's like you're torn
before you're almost one
but the pieces just keep floating
Like tiny papers
or snow
Without gravity
It's like, It's like you're stuck somewhere
like Robinson Crusoe
but you couldn't live
But you're alive
but you couldn't move
But you breathe
It's like, it's like you have 2 dreams
Of reaching the top
By climbing the mountain
and by flying high to the top
But you've got to choose
But why not kill 2 birds with one stone you see?

2218 051210


I miss you
Come fill up my night
With your voice
Your scream your thunders
Your sunshine your lightning
Come strike me
With your voice
Been missing you so.

0427 180110

Cross the bridge!

No i don't feel loss I feel lost
In time of waving white flag
Symbolizing weaknesses
To enemy of mankind
In people
Hungry or forced to eat the knowledge
But hey! At least they aren't lost in time,
As far as my naked eyes could capture.
God, feed my soul with hunger
God, feed my heart with love
Towards love, humanity, world, mother nature, hereafter
And of course, You.
God, let me kill my enemy
Or at least feed them with misery

Sound of night

In the darkness
Accompanied by silence
Sound of footsteps walking passed
And yelling of stadium of people
Over a ball
Over a bet
Which I don't understand
Stars hiding
Darkness in me & pain in me
I feel like hiding too, now